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I have a GE brand refrigerator - top side freezer that is in need of repair. Please tell me what is the cost to have someone inspect what is wrong and how much it will take to fix the problem. 

Shantrall F

Dryer repair. (When turn to start get whirring/buzz but no movement or start - similar to when car engine won't turn over when turning ignition.) Less than 5 years old. Compact dryer stacked on top of washer (but not a stacked set) in compact closet space. Free in-home estimates only. Good price can fix immediately.

Tonya M

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Appliance Repair - Appliance Repair Questions
1.20 Where is a good site to find job applicants for an appliance repair tech?

Q. I am not looking for a job, i am looking for a site to help me find employees!!!

A. See source, its a blog I found, one of the first onces from a quick google search...

1.20 What are some good schools for small engine / appliance repair?

Q. I was looking at Penn Foster College (online)? Is that a good program to take?

A. Most comm colleges DO NOT have small engine repair courses. i live in ky and there are no programs in the entire state. I have the same problem as you. most of the online only schools are complete rip-offs and will charge you 30k to get a degree or certificate that will make you 10$ an hour. Good luck

1.20 Appliance repair in Southeast Michigan?

Q. We live in Livonia, Mi and need a dependable appliance repair service to repair our frig. Any suggestions on good and dependable ones?

A. Nope, but if you have a handy person to help you, then go to and see how your fridge works. It may be something simple/stupid that you are not aware of and if not, at least you will know what the problem is so the repair guys dont blow smoke up your chimney.

1.20 I need free appliance repair industry numbers. I need to know how much money the industry has made.?

Q. The money made in the appliance repair industry. I need statisics.

A. Start searching the Internet - here's how: 1. Try the U.S. Chamber of Commerce - see if they have links to a trade or professional association focused on appliance repair/service/maintenance, then see if you can get stats from them. You might also see if Small Business Administration has this info - 2. Check U.S. Census Bureau for information on employment in trades - you should find appliance or home repair somewhere. Not perfect figures because it's hard to tell how they were compiled, but from it, you can make estimates on total dollars per head and therefore per industry. 3. Away from Internet, talk with your local reference librarian - they live for this stuff, and their help is FREE! Are you doing this for homework? The whole point of a question like this is to make you do the work of creating a correct, reasonable answer. There IS NO ACTUAL ANSWER FOR THIS - what I estimate will probably differ from what you estimate. It depends on what information you tap into and what assumptions you make - just state these all clearly.

1.20 Appliance Repair Guys: How much of a labor charge would it take to replace a Microwave's Magnetron?

Q. I can't seem to get an answer from anybody...they all want to charge me a service call to have their guy come out and tell me what's wrong with the machine. I just want to know if it's going to be an expensive labor charge, or a cheap one! The part is covered by warranty, but if it's $250 in labor, then I'll just buy a new one! It's an Over-the-Range GE Profile, by the way....I installed it originally, so I could have it down and on the counter, or bring it in to the service center. Could I do the repair myself? Thanks in advance, Greg, aka tonevault

A. Dear Greg, Are you sure it's the Magnetron? How do you know it's not the fuse? If it turns on and runs then you could be right. Make sure it's not a $2 fuse. In that case I'll send you a $100 fuse from California - shipping free lol This link will tell you how to test it yourself. Good luck. Repaired my own with a fuse - twice LOL and I wanted a new one soooo bad. Darn thing lasted almost 25 years. Not a Guy but a smart repair Girl.

1.20 Appliance Repair Santa Clarita?

Q. Looking for a reliable appliance repair in Santa Clarita?

A. I just learned of a website at they service Santa Clarita they are nation wide! Just enter zip code and fill in a few answers in you will be in touch with competitive appliance repair in your area.

1.20 Appliance repair Manual?

Q. I cannot find a site provides appliance repair manuals please help?

A. Check with site that manufactured your appliance. Some sites even have repair sections that help narrow problem. Good luck.

1.20 I am starting my own business in Appliance Repair. I will hire a technician but it is contract labor.?

Q. My technician will be contract labor in Louisiana. I wont be selling anything technician has own truck, own parts, own tools etc. Do I need a business license, DBA, and Tax ID? Since technician is contract labor I will be providing him with a 1099.

A. The only way you know if he is an independent contractor is to go to and download the form SS-8 for determining his status. You can get into a lot of trouble if you claim him as a an-independent contractor when in fact he is an employee.

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